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In July 2016, we saw the launch of our TV series, “Creatives On The Couch” on C31 Melbourne

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Creatives On The Couch is designed to feature some local Australian talent from the Arts, Literacy and Music industries.

Season One Crew
Christine Madafferi – Host
Chris Jackson – Director/Executive Producer
Daniel Farmer – Camera
Alvy Merino – Camera
Danielle M. Maistry – Wardrobe
Bill Chute – DOP
James Peake – Camera
Carly Lennon – MUA

Season One Guest Lineup:
E1: Jacinta Maree
E2: Steve Dillon
E3: Michelle Somers
E4: Rebecca Taylor
E5: Alvy Merino
E6: Max Davine
E7: Brett Crandell
E8: Max Davine (pt2)
E9: Dani Maistry
E10: W.D. Stevens
E11: Hayley Lawson-Smith
E12: C.A.Milson
E13: W.D. Stevens (pt2)

Season Two Crew
Christine Madafferi – Host
Scott Reid – Host
Robyn Duse – Host
Chris Jackson – Director/Executive Producer
Bill Chute – DOP
James Peake – Camera
David Jackson – Clapper
Maria Romas – Editor
Anthony Orsini – Editor
Carly Lennon – MUA
Mike Young – Mixer
Guy Jukes – Mixer
Tim Shaw – Camera
Harry Brunt – Camera

Season Two Guest Line Up:
E14: ASJ Publishing presents The Bogan Bachelor (pt1)
E15: ASJ Publishing presents The Bogan Bachelor (pt2)
E16: Scott Reid as Jamiesonn
E17: Darkness Visible
E18: Maya Tal
E19: Christmas Special with guests, Steve Dillon and Michelle Somers
E20: Robert Gennari
E21: Luke Launer
E22: Robyn Duse
E23: Colin Price / 1st Laverton Air Scout Group
E24: Erica Olina
E25: Max Sharam
E26: Laura E. Goodin
E27: Daniel Farmer – Singer

Season Three Crew:
(Philippines Edition)
Meg Ruth Rodriguez – Host
Chris Jackson – Executive Producer/Director
– Cameras
Grace Jackson – Producer
Marissa Macabuhay – Production

Season Three Guest Line Up:
E28: Brenton Foale (Film-maker)
E29: Vicky Balunzo (Actress/Artist)
E30: Gilbert LLantino (Film Director/Producer)
E31: Bob Owen Guarin (International Photographer)
E32: Djai Tanji (Artist)
E33: Save The Youth/Xavier Tubianosa (Singer/Band)
E34: Eilyn Nidea (Author)
E35: Mitch Metzger (Author)
E36: Mitch Metzger 30th Anniversary Special (Evangelist)

Season Four Crew:
(Wellington, New Zealand Edition)
Chris Jackson – Executive Producer
Kat Z. Mason – Host

Season Five Crew:
(Los Angeles Edition)
Chris Jackson – Executive Producer
Sonia Carroll – Host

Season Six Crew:
(Melbourne Edition)
Chris Jackson – Executive Producer/Director

More episodes of Creatives On The Couch coming throughout 2018/2019.

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