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One branch of ASJ Publishing is our film production division. By partnering with some extraordinary filmies, it is our intention to bring some quality programming to the web and TV. Details on our film projects can be found below.

If you are interested in seeing your book come to screen, get in touch with us.



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Her origins are as dark and mysterious as she is…. A legend almost as old as time… But, here, in the region of Ligao, she will become uncovered, and her reign of terror is unleashed upon new prey as she sets forth to bring blood into the kingdom for her Master.

A group of friends are on vacation at a nearby river. Dancing, celebrating the end of the school year, when she strikes, leaving terror in her wake.

She is human, yet a creature of the darkness. She is intelligent but vicious. Stalking her prey until each one of the group has become her own.

She is…. The Manananggal.

Follow the Facebook page at: @ManananggalMovie


Creatives On The Couch

COTC1a film projects Film Projects COTC1a

In July 2016, we saw the launch of our TV series, “Creatives On The Couch” on C31 Melbourne. As we continue to develop, Creatives On The Couch will be expanding to other regions, such as: Wellington NZ, Los Angeles, Philippines and Manchester UK.

If you are in Melbourne or Geelong, watch for Creatives On The Couch. Or watch on the C31 App!


Bogan Bachelor

ASJ Publishing is proud to announce that we produced the comedy series, Bogan Bachelor. Bogan Bachelor aired on C31 Melbourne in November 2016.


Bogan Bachelor stars some talented Aussies, as they take the absolute mickey out of reality TV shows such as The Bachelor and Farmer Wants A Wife.

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She’s Not So Ordinary

COVER4-up1 film projects Film Projects COVER4 up1


She’s Not so Ordinary. The horror novella by C.A.Milson & J.D.Rebel. Directed by Chris Jackson and distributed by ASJ Publishing. The horror short film is currently in pre-production with a scheduled date of filming the trailer in January 2017.

Lead Cast:
Jamiesonn – Scott Reid
Laura – Maria Tevelis
Donna – Vicky Wanless
Tony –
Garry –
Cathy – Ashley Hodges
Katie – Nancy Rizk
Ashley – Robyn Duse
Natalie – Kayleigh Young
Miguel – Peter Noic
Sal – Albert Goikhman
Sarah (Lead Hell Spawn Child) – Olivia Maggi
Drake – Tony Markulin
Usher –


Creatives On The Tube

Creatives On The Tube. Shorty films brought to you by ASJ Publishing. With review content on books, music, film, TV and more.



Rise Of The Darkness

ASJ Publishing is pleased to announce that the feature film of Rise Of The Darkness, by C.A. Milson is in pre-production.

For more details, visit the Facebook Page.

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