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A. Rolando was born in 1986 and raised in a small country town in the north-west of Italy. He first left the hometown to attend university in Bologna where he graduated in Economics & Marketing in 2008. Soon after he moved to Milan to start his career in Marketing. He spent more than 4 years there, building a nice life for himself. But nice was not what he was looking for, he wanted challenges and adventures, like the ones he was reading in books, not safety and comfort. At least not yet. So, in December 2013, he decided to leave everything behind and, against all his friends and family’s advices, he moved to one of the farthest Country on the map: Australia.

The beginning was rough, with no contacts and without speaking English, but adventures are never easy so he pushed through the first adversities, until he settled in Sydney, where he continued his career in Marketing.

Meanwhile he kept juggling his free time between volunteering in orphanages and writing fantasy books for young adults, the latter a passion which started back in Italy.

Reading has always been a big part of his life, but the book that changed his life was the Harry Potter series. A. Rolando has always been interested in animals and he felt natural to use them as the base to his series. That’s how the first idea of Animalia started to form in his head.

His debut novel, Animalia & the Return of the Bondkeepers, will be available soon in Print and E-book.

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Animalia & the Return of the Bondkeepers

About The Book

Animalia & the Return of the Bondkeepers

Bondkeepers and Bloodhunters have been fighting since the beginning of time.

The firsts, the protector of an ancient and powerful bond with the animals, which in exchange have given them special abilities.

The seconds, always been jealous of these powers, are strong believers that animals are inferior beings, meat to hunt and eat, nothing more.

This never-ending war comes to a halt when the Bloodhunters find a way to break these specials bonds using black magic. Without their animals, called Totums, the Bondkeepers also lose their super powers. All seems lost. The Bloodhunters have won. Or at least that was what everyone believed until, two generations after, the bonds are starting to form again …

Ryan and Sarah belong to the first generation who is regaining the bonds but they know nothing about this. All they know is that they have to reach Animalia, a training camp for Bondkeepers where they can find which one is their Totum and develop their powers.

Unfortunately, the Bloodhunters won’t let this happen and they will do anything to stop them.

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Animalia & the Return of the Bondkeepers

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