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Tales Of A Tenacious Tenor
Author: Robert P. Mitchell
Editor: Carrie Snider

Why aren’t you singing at the Met?
…a question frequently asked of the author after a performance. Bob liked to say to people, “I could never come up with a snappy come-back, so I sat down and wrote the whole story…” from when the great movie tenor, Mario Lanza, in the movie Student Prince (1954), inspired him to sing, to his last performance in 1991 as Don José in Carmen. Bob sang more than forty leading roles for more than thirty years with fifteen opera companies in New York City not many people know about.

His story reads like a nail-biting novel, and it’s all true. You’ll walk in Bob’s shoes through it all – onstage and off. His story is unique in the annuals of opera. You don’t want to miss it.