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C.A. Milson beginnings as a writer started in 1989, when he lived in a small town in South Victoria, called Winchelsea (“Winch”), where for a time, he lived on a piggery farm.

Over some months, he wrote 26 short stories, (none of which he pursued to get published), which at the time, was more or less a hobby, but an outlet for him to escape the very “quiet” life in the middle of nowhere.

His very first typewriter was a Remington Rand, which he had found in a second hand store in Geelong.

The very first story he wrote was titled “Shack Of Evil“, a horror short story of 9 pages, based on a “would be” paranormal investigator, who goes out to research a haunted shack. Those characters would later become the focus in the award winning series, “Rise Of The Darkness“, “Bloodline Of Darkness“, and “She’s Not So Ordinary“.

In 1994, while he was living with his father in Brisbane, Australia, he started writing again. This time on a new typewriter. Long gone was that old “Beast” that he had formally used to write his 26 short stories. That “newer” model was a piece of art, in that half the keys were missing.

In December 1994, he took out “Shack Of Evil”, and developed it into what would become “The Chosen Series“. C.A. even tried his hand at attempting a screenplay, a sci-fi which he had titled, “The Alfrazedian Conflict“.

For over 20 years he has worked in marketing, in one aspect or another, from front end telemarketing, training call center agents, writing business plans (from the simple to the complex), script development, financials, Start-Up consultancy. In his “real career” (Writer), he has also done a lecture or 3 on writing, character development, publishing.

In 2007, C.A. rewrote “Shack Of Evil”, and titled it “The Chosen – Rise Of The Darkness“. In 2008, that novel was published by Amira Press.

In 2010, Rise Of The Darkness was republished (with the original content written back in) by EDGE Publishing in the US, as well as under his developing publishing business, ASJ Publishing. In 2011, the 2nd novel came out in “The Chosen” series, Bloodline Of Darkness, published by ASJ Publishing.

In 2012, ASJ Publishing officially launched, and open it’s doors to new authors.

In September of 2012, the 3rd book of “The Chosen” series was released, “Not So Ordinary Girl”, written by J.D.Rebel and C.A.Milson.

His novels have won some awards, been short-listed for other awards, and even his name (C.A.Milson) was one of the answers on a popular TV show in the Philippines.

Presently, C.A.Milson spends his time between Australia, the Philippines and soon his journey will take him to the U.K.

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