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C.A.Milson lives in Melbourne, Australia. He is a HS graduate, and has a doctorate in Biblical studies. His fascination of horror writing began when he was a child, when he used to read stories in a paranormal magazine his late Grandmother had.

His beginnings as a writer started in 1989, when he lived in a small town in South Victoria, called Winchelsea (“Winch”), where for a time, he lived on a farm. In 2008, that novel was published by Amira Press.

​In 2010, Rise Of The Darkness was republished under his developing publishing business, ASJ Publishing. In 2011, the 2nd novel came out in “The Chosen” series, Bloodline Of Darkness, published by ASJ Publishing.

In 2012, ASJ Publishing officially launched, and open it’s doors to new authors. In September of 2012, the 3rd book of “The Chosen” series was released, “Not So Ordinary Girl“, written by J.D.Rebel and C.A.Milson. The book adaptation the of film script.

​His novels have won some awards, been shortlisted for other awards, and even his name (C.A.Milson) was one of the answers on a popular TV show in the Philippines.

​His interests include foreign culture, traveling, cinema/film, mythology, cooking, and when he has downtime, he likes to tend to his hobby farm in the backyard, and play Xbox.