Bloodline Of Darkness
Author: C.A.Milson
Paperback ISBN: 978-1467993784

Description: Bloodline Of Darkness. Book Two in The Chosen series by C.A.Milson Ten years have past since Alex made a stand and fought the darkness in Winmont. A small victory for some at the cost of many lives. Ten years can give anyone time to plan a cruel revenge, and the darkness has a way of never letting the past be forgotten. In the latest book, Alex will again come against the darkness to fight for the lives of humanity, and this time, he will be taken to when it all began…. 5,000 years ago when the Fallen One, Tanzac – God of the Dead – was worshiped by the Ancient Ones. For a season, prosperity was given to the Northern Tribes, until Legion appeared among them and destroyed all but a handful of the Ancient Ones. Today, a hero must take his place amongst his forefathers and rectify the events that changed the world he knows. But will he overcome the darkness that rules his own heart?