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Richard W Black is a freelance writer born and raised in Indiana.  He is a graduate of Fort Wayne Bible College with degrees in Biblical Studies and Christian Education.  He and his wife spent four years in Normandy, France as missionaries with The Missionary Church.  He has worked as the facilities manager of a Christian camp, factory worker, buyer, cost accountant, and bill-of-materials analyst.  Recently, when his company in Tennessee was sold and the operation moved to another state, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a writer.    He is a member of the Tennessee Screenwriting Association with a repertoire of work that includes over twenty-five screenplays, four manuscripts and a few short stories.  Richard and his daughter co-wrote a novel, Heresy’s Child, for which they won an honorable mention in the Deep River Book Publisher’s Contest and also wrote the story as a screenplay.  Richard has written the first draft political romance screenplay Jessica Sinclaire’s Confessions of the First Wife and Young Money for Mosaic Entertainment.  As well, he optioned a script with Olympusat, Inc entitled The Bible Codes – The Four Horseman and wrote the biopic Love Unlimited; the story of Barry White on spec.  He resides with his wife of 35 years in the greater Nashville, Tennessee area.

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