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SB Knight has been writing Dark Fantasy and Horror for many years. His stories deliver thrills and chills with enough twist and turns to keep readers constantly guessing while looking over their shoulders. Always one to build upon the skill and craft of writing, Knight pushes the boundaries of his ability with each story. Knight’s passion is to explore all the secrets hidden in the dark corners of the Dark Fantasy and horror realm. His novels include Born of Blood, Drago’s Revenge, Demathia Rising, and the soon to be released Christian. His original short story series, The Saga of Straws has garnered much attention with the first two installments – The Game of Straws and The Game of Straws Origins. Don’t be afraid, grab a flashlight and come visit Knight’s world of horror and dark fantasy.


When not writing, you can find SB Knight on his website, and social networks such as Twitter, and Facebook. Residing in West Virginia, Knight also enjoys working outdoors, growing vegetables in the garden, watching movies with his family, and exploring the world around him.