Book Marketing Packages

As a provider of publishing services to authors, we offer a wide variety of book marketing and publicity services. If you are not familiar with book marketing, then our team undertakes all the marketing and publicity for your title. Writing the book is only one part of the writing process. In order for your title to succeed, you will need to have active marketing and publicity.

Many authors do not realize that they need a strong marketing plan in order for their book to sell, and sell successfully. Unless you happen to be a best selling author like J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, or Danielle Steel your book is not going to sell itself.

Simple fact is that there are hundreds of thousands of new titles released on Kindle and Amazon every year, and not only is your title competing with all those other new titles, but competing with the millions of other titles that are available to consumers.

If you need a marketing plan, and a course of action, our Marketing Services outlined below will explain what we include.

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International Book Fairs

New York Review Of Books – AD.

New York Times Sunday Book Review