Books published by ASJ Publishing are available as POD on, LULU, and some Dymocks stores around Melbourne and Geelong. In late 2017, ASJ Publishing decided to open our first bookstore in Naga City, Philippines.

In early October we signed a lease on a storefront, and are set to launch our store in November 2017.

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Bookstore Naga City

Our bookstore will stock books by authors from ASJ Publishing, as well as Indie/Self Published authors from Australia, UK, and the US.

Come on down to our bookstore in Naga City and check out the range of titles we stock!

If you are an Indie/Self-Published author who would like your book(s) stocked in our store, please email us at:

Please note: We are only accepting titles from Indie/Self-Published authors at this time on consignment at the standard bookstore discount. (Minimum 40% discount)