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Max Davine – Dino Hunt 2 – Escape Of The Dinosaurs
Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Action
Blurb: For six months the team from Silver Mountain have been maintaining the delicate ecology that was thrown out of balance when the sadistic hunters of the Soleil Rouge were smashed and it seemed Dalpura’s cruel dinosaur hunts were out of commission…or so they thought.

Operating from a secret research facility in the Canada of 68 million years ago, Dalpura Industries’ highest authority on dinosaur capture and control has been pillaging the natural world, ensnaring dinosaurs to be cruelly experimented on to create the perfect commercial creature; dinosaurs which could be cloned, hunted safely, chained up and gawked at by the super-rich and used as medical test subjects. Known as Thunder Bay, they have a new team of heartless hunters to bring their wild quarry, and a high-tech base guarded by machines and men day-in and day-out.

But Thunder Bay have plans for Jimmy Reeves and the team as well, and when they cross paths, the nightmare begins…

Release Date: July 2019


Dannii Cohen – Being Ace
Genre: Non-Fiction
Blurb: Are you asexual? Do you think you might be asexual? Do you have an asexual son, daughter friend or family member who identifies as asexual?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you… BEING ACE is a quick guide into the world of asexuality.

What is asexuality? Who is asexual? Is there a history? Are there any famous asexuals? By the time you finish this book you will understand all the shapes and forms asexuality comes in and what it is like to be asexual.

It has been scientifically proven that at-least one in hundred people is asexual. This seems rather high. But despite this sexuality is one of the most ignored. When something seems invisible, how can you make it visible? Raising awareness of asexuality is one of the hardest things to do. How can you show someone you just don’t feel that urge?
On the other hand: explaining what asexuality means is actually pretty easy: to have no or a very low sex drive. To feel little or no sexual attraction to any gender. To have little or no arousal. Still, like any sexuality asexuality is fluid and has many branches on it’s tree. In these pages you’ll discover everything you always wanted to know about asexuality.

This book will help you understand the asexual in your life, or maybe even yourself. By the time you finish this book, you will know all about growing up asexual, the myths and prejudice that asexuals face every day, famous Aces, asexuality in the media, why Red Dwarf creator Doug Naylor thinks Arnold Rimmer might be asexual and much more!!

The book also includes essays from asexuals about their take life as an asexual, coming out, the media, discrimination, the media (including Doctor Who, Sherlock, Red Dwarf and Riverdale.)


E. Matheson – Further Adventures of Riley and Elfy

Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Further Adventures of Riley and Elfy consists of six short stories for children which take place on a remote Scottish island. It is a professionally illustrated sequel to the author’s previous book Adventures of Riley and Elfy.

Riley and Elfy are mysterious little Scottish animals who have adventures with their island friends. We meet all the characters in the first book, plus a couple of new-comers, and the stories include finding treasure on a hidden Viking longship, as well as building a spacecraft for travelling to the Moon!

There is also danger in the form of a huge prehistoric Sea-Dragon that comes uninvited to the island. How do our heroes deal with that?


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