With our Hybrid Program, our team works with you to gain momentum for your title. Unless your name is J.K. Rowling, Dean Koontz or Stephen King, the chances of no-one ever hearing about your book is 99.99%, and is that what you want for your work? to see more on our program, go here.

Sadly, many authors will assume that once they have their book published, that’s when they can sit back and “watch the royalties come in”. Reality is, that is when your work only begins. So, how involved should an author be in marketing their book? The answer for that can be found on this article.

Foreign Rights:
ASJ Publishing has an exclusive agreement with Chengdu Rightol Media in Chengdu, China to represent our authors in the Chinese market. For all enquiries regarding Chinese rights, please contact us. We have already seen one of our titles sell to the Chinese marketplace with an initial Print Run of 3,000 copies to a publisher in China, and there are more proposals in the works.

Answers to most common FAQ’s.

Is there any way to make A deal to get my book traditionally published by you, and fees to be deducted from all my royalties?

A: The answer for this is Yes and No. While we would like to offer every author a traditional publishing contract, the short fact is that the production of a book costs money. Unless you have a rock-solid marketing plan behind you, an established following on social media, and a track record of prior book sales, then we would only offer you one of two alternatives. In order to be considered for Traditional Publishing, you need to meet all of the above criteria.

If you cannot meet those 3 guidelines, then your options are:

A: Published under our hybrid model.
B: You, the author, agree to buy in bulk a minimum of 1,000 Print copies of your book at the standard Bookstore Discount of 40% off the RRP.

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I have my book(s) with another publisher/self-published. Do I need to have my book(s) republished with ASJ Publishing to have an Audio-book developed?

A: No. If your current publisher does not offer Audio-book production, we can develop your book into an Audio-book. But check your contract first to ensure your current publisher does not offer this service. Audio-books will be released under our ASJ Publishing label, and is subject to a three year contract. This will not interfere with your existing contract with your current publisher, unless otherwise stated in their contracts.

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Why the high cost on Audiobooks?

A: Unless you have commissioned an Audio-book to be done for your book yourself, then you will not know that there are costs involved in having an AB produced. While this service is included for Children’s Books, it is not included in the Standard Package. We hire professionals who have a solid history of Audio-book narration. In addition, a new cover is assigned for your AB, and each track (chapter) of your book is assigned an ISRC (International Standard Recording Code). A good narrator will cost in the ball-park of $500, if you were going to go that route yourself. We work with several VO artists who have a successful track-record of AB Narration. On top of that, all of our Audio-books are released through our Distributor in Germany, and are available on 300+ Online Stores globally, inc Audible, Google Play, Spotify, JB Hifi Online, Amazon Prime Music, and more.

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Why are your books marked as non-returnable on Ingram etc?

A: As a rule, not many Small/Indie press will offer this for bookstores, due to the cost associated with Freight and Shipping back to the Publisher. Many publishers have folded for this very reason that the costs of unsold books outweighs any revenue produced. When books are returned to the publisher, booksellers charge publishers for the cost of any books returned and expect to be reimbursed. If you are not familiar or do not know how this works, then have a read of B&N Book Placement Consideration, and take note of Section 3 on their Standard Requirements. For this reason, all Print titles listed through Ingram are Not Returnable.

There are exceptions to this rule though. We will mark your book as “Returnable” if all the following criteria is met:

  1. You are actively promoting your book on Social media on a frequent basis
  2. You are actively participating in book fairs, book signings, etc

If the above 2 points are met, then we will mark your book as “Returnable” in the country you live. In turn, this will give your book a higher chance of being stocked in bookstores.

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Author Discount on copies?

A: Once your book is released as Print under our Hybrid Program, the author receives an initial 20 copies as part of their Hybrid Publishing Agreement. If the author requires more copies thereafter, then the author can purchase these at 40% off the RRP, which is the same terms as we have with Bookstores. Authors are not obligated to purchase books as a part of their Hybrid Agreement. However, some of our authors do purchase additional books if they have an upcoming book-signing.

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Does it cost to list my book on your website?

A: No. As one of our authors, your book is listed on our Online Store, and normally is available through our store before it is released on other platforms.

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Why offer 90% royalty on your website?

A: 90% royalty applies ONLY to E-Books that are sold direct through our website and E-books sold through our Facebook Store. E-Books are available as direct download to customers through our shop-cart, so there is no 3rd party seller in the process. That is how we can offer a higher royalty to you, the author.

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Hybrid Publishing? Does that make you a Vanity Publisher?

A: No. Our Hybrid Program is designed for authors who are looking for a traditional style-set of publishing, but want the full marketing for their book. Further, we VET all submissions. In that we review and decide if your work is a fit for us or not. Not all submissions will be accepted. We follow the IBPA strict guidelines for Hybrid Publishers.

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Why the price range?

A: Our packages range from $1500 up to $20,000. Our Premium Package is designed solely for authors who want to see their book published and developed into a short film. Now, unless you know how the film industry works, there are costs associated with not only getting your book developed into an acceptable film-script, but all the costs associated with producing a short-film. There are all the Pre-production costs such as Location for Auditions then Rehearsals. Assigning the right crew to the film, Photography BTS; Then Production costs which include: Costs of the DOP, Actor and Crew costs, Location costs, and not to forget catering for everyone on set, SPX make-up and MUA (Make Up Artist). Then you have the Post Production costs which is cost of an experienced editor and SPX editing. To give you a rough idea on what it can cost: Our comedy TV series “Bogan Bachelor” ended up costing around $10,000 to produce 6 episodes. This is just a simple fact of how the film industry works. To see the productions we have been on, you can view our IMDB here. We have a large network of people in the film industry in Melbourne. So we can develop your book into a short film if you want to take that option. Note: This Premium Package is only for authors who want to see their work released as Print and developed into a short film.

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How long do I have to decide if I want to sign the contract?

A: Once an offer has been made, you have 14 days to decide if you want to accept our offer. If after 14 days there has been no communication, then the offer is null and void.

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My work has been accepted. Can I call your office or come in to discuss?

A: As we travel overseas most of the time, the best form of communication is by Email or Skype. Emails are usually responded to within 72 hours, and Skype bookings are done by appointment only.

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Do you pay advances?

A: Short answer: No.

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I have an idea for a story. Can I still submit?

A: We are not accepting “ideas” for stories. You need to have your MS completed.

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I have been accepted by ASJ Publishing. How soon will my book be available for purchase?

A: Once we have your completed MS, your book is sent to one of our editors. From the time of your MS to being accepted to the time of being published, can be a process of up to 12 months.

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A: Under our Hybrid Program, we undertake all the marketing for you. This includes Giveaways on KDP, Sponsored Amazon Ads, Arranging Virtual Book Tours (Amazon Reviews, Book Spotlight, Book Blasts, etc), Kirkus Review, International Book Trade Shows, Connection to several Dymock stores for them to stock. Further, we also provide Facebook Marketing for your book with targeted sponsored ads for your Facebook Page and Book.

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Do you accept and publish all manuscripts submitted by authors?

A: No. That would make us a vanity press. Any submissions received are read by our editors and if we feel that your work has potential, we will refer you to our Hybrid Program. If we feel that your work does not fit what we are looking for, then we will notify you.

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Where will my book(s) be listed?

A: For complete list of distribution, see below:

Distribution Network

With our Hybrid Publishing Program, your work will be available as E-Book and Print (POD) through the Ingram network (39,000+ Online retailers), KDP, Feiyr POD, and available of some of the stores listed below:

  • Book Titles (Print & E-Books) – Print and e-Books can be found on Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords, B&N, Nook, Kobo, BAM, Powell, Angus & Robertson, selected Dymocks outlets, Google Play, WHSmith, iBookstore, and dozens of other online retailers.
  • Audiobooks (and soon Music) – Our Audiobook and Music titles can be found on Audible, Xbox Live, JB Hifi, Virgin Music, Amazon Prime Music, Sony, Google Play, Spotify, and hundreds of other online retailers.
  • Film/TV Series – Our Film and TV Series can be found on C31 Melbourne, FizzyTV, RokuTV, Amazon, Amazon Fire and soon on Amazon Prime.
  • Virtual Reality Books – Our range of VR Books can be found on Oculus Rift and PS4.
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