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Her origins are as dark and mysterious as she is…. A legend almost as old as time… But, here, in the region of Ligao, she will become uncovered, and her reign of terror is unleashed upon new prey as she sets forth to bring blood into the kingdom for her Master.

A group of friends are on vacation at a nearby river. Dancing, celebrating the end of the school year, when she strikes, leaving terror in her wake.

She is human, yet a creature of the darkness. She is intelligent but vicious. Stalking her prey until each one of the group has become her own.

She is…. The Manananggal.

The short film from ASJ Publishing commences filming in September, with a release date of 2019.

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Vicky Balunzo – Manananggal

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Ivy Dianne De Vera – Ivy

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Meg Ruth Rodriguez – May Ann

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Argen Basco – Corey

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John Michael A. Certeza – Miko

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Angel Francisco Cardino – Adele

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Jazper Rodriguez – Lorenzo

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David Jackson – Dave

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Production Team:

Creator/ Director/Producer: Chris Jackson
Head Script Writer: Kerryn Markulin
Assistant Producer: Maria Grace B. Valencia-Jackson
DOP/Cameraperson: Hercules Arevalo Bermil II
1st AD: Kim Moreno
Assistant/Runner: Athea Badong
Social Media /Production Mgr/Co-Ordinator: Marissa Macabuhay
Other Production Team: Jeloveme Nuevo
Casting /Acting Coach: John Michael A. Certeza
Location Manager: Jin Kazama
Make-Up – (Still to be filled)
SPX/Props – Dylan Gualva
SPX Art Concept: Jayson Lofranco Noromor
Additional Still Shots: Christian Corbito
Continuity Shots: Maria Grace B. Valencia-Jackson
Production Company: ASJ Publishing
Talent Agency: Castar Productions & Talent Management