Meet The ASJ Publishing Team

The ASJ Publishing Team 

Below are some of the team that make up the core of ASJ Publishing. Artists from all walks of life, from Australia to Philippines.

Chris Jackson – ​Managing Director/Founder/ Film Director

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Under his pen-name, C.A. Milson is an Award winning author and Film Director.

Chris is the Founder of ASJ Publishing. He knows how hard it can be to get published for debut authors. In 1989, Chris had his first experience as an author, when he wrote 26 short stories, and had them rejected by a few publishers. After that experience he put writing on the back-burner for some years until 2006 when he submitted one of his re-written manuscripts to over 50 publishing houses. It wasn’t until 2008 when his debut novel was released, but was not released as anticipated.

After his debut book was released under his pen-name of C.A.Milson, he promoted every day for a full year marketing his first book Rise Of The Darkness to book blogs, hosts of various podcast shows on BlogTalkRadio, MySpace, Tagged and other mediums.

Chris learned the hard truth of being a debut author. That truth being, that ‘You can have a great story to tell, but unless people know about it, it will sit on the shelf and gather dust.’

His goal is to help authors get their work noticed by utilizing the contacts he has established in the entertainment and literary industries.

While publishing and film is his passion, Chris works mostly as a Freelancer, and he has 24+ years of hardcore marketing experience in the B2B/B2C sector, working freelance with companies in North America, Europe, UK/Ireland, Russia, UAE and Australasia. He has dealt with start-up firms through to Fortune 500 VP’s, and in that time has generated in excess of $500M for companies globally. His freelancing site can be found here.

An avid traveler, Chris has had the pleasure of traveling to the US, Canada, Russia, Japan, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai, Macau, and most recently, Manila and Naga City.

His Home-Base is Melbourne; Presently based in Philippines and soon his base will be in Manchester UK. But, he feel most at home onboard the TARDIS 🙂

Grace Maria V. – Managing Director Philippines

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Grace heads up our Philippines base of operations of ASJ Publishing. Grace handles local Printing Contracts, local Outlet Negotiations, and responsible for hiring the right talent for the tasks of Social media and Artworks.

Grace likes traveling, spending far too much time on Facebook, especially watching HappyCat videos on Facebook. She can’t go anywhere without her umbrella, even when it is not raining asj publishing Meet The ASJ Publishing Team 1f642 And of course, spending an hour of every morning fixing her Kilay 🙂




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J.D. is known around the circuits as one of the head writers for a Sports Entertainment Company. J.D is our Head Film Script Writer for The Chosen Series.

J.D. likes long walks on the beach with his dog and beating the living tar out of people up in the wrestling ring with his Kendo sticks 🙂

In his downtime, he is known is mix with the likes of other wrestling entertainers who like to jam 🙂

David Jackson

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David comes into the scene as the reader of the Children’s Books. Once a Children’s Book is in the Proof stage, David gets first dibs on reading the Pre-Finished Product and gives his feedback on what he thinks about the story.

He likes making friends; Going to Kids Church; Eating vast amounts of food; Acting in School Productions; Modelling and of course playing with the resident cats 🙂


Other Team Members

Acquisitions Agents

Louise C.
Lauren H.

Book Editing Team
US – Carol Maxon
US – Doreen Martens
Australia – (Details coming soon)
Philippines – (Details coming soon)

Film-Script Core Team
Canada –  J.D.Rebel (ROTD)
AU – Kerryn M.

Book Cover Designs/ Illustrators
Diogo L – Sth America
Gerry S – Philippines (Children’s Books)
Jayson N – Philippines (Manga Comics)

Audio-Book Team
Ken Maxon
Torry Clark
​Tony Honickberg

Virtual Reality Book Team
Kevin Gulling – Programmer – Nth America

Press Releases
Maya Maceka – EU

Social Media Influencers
(Details Coming 2019)
US Team –
UK Team –
Australian Team –



ASJ Publishing
Film Productions

12799158_775886309208086_8573595280807968111_n asj publishing Meet The ASJ Publishing Team 12799158 775886309208086 8573595280807968111 n
The Bogan Bachelor Core Team
Chris Jackson – Director/Executive Producer
Melissa Barlas – Producer / A.D.
W.D. Stevens – DOP/Editor/Producer/Director
Mark R. Walters – Sound
Carly Lennon – MUA
Jason Deane – Lead Actor/Consultant

Creatives On The Couch asj publishing Meet The ASJ Publishing Team COTC1a 1
Creatives On The Couch Team – Season One
Chris Jackson – Director/Executive Producer
Christine Madafferi – Host
W.D. Stevens – Editor
Mark R. Walters – Sound
Daniel Farmer – Camera
Carly Lennon – MUA
Danielle M. Maistry – Set
Bill Chute – Cameras

Creatives On The Couch Team – Season Two
Chris Jackson – Director/Executive Producer
Christine Madafferi – Host
Scott Reid – Host
Robyn Duse – Host
Carly Lennon – MUA
Bill Chute – Cameras
Mike Young – Mixer

Creatives On The Couch Team – Season Three (Philippines)
Chris Jackson – Director/Executive Producer
Grace Jackson – Producer

Creatives On The Couch Team – Season Four (Los Angeles)
Chris Jackson – Executive Producer
Sonia Carroll – Director / Host

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She’s Not So Ordinary – Feature Film – Core Team
Chris Jackson – Director/Executive Producer
Kerryn Markulin – Head Production Manager
Carly Lennon – HMUA

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Manananggal – Short Horror Film – Team
Chris Jackson – Director/Executive Producer
Kerryn Markulin – Head Script Writer


ASJ Publishing Street Teamers

Australian Team
Laya Tehrani

Laya Tehrani asj publishing Meet The ASJ Publishing Team 12742654 1079777158752750 5340928792958666366 n
Zara Milner

Zara Milner asj publishing Meet The ASJ Publishing Team 13612399 1170254416371690 1662869340965210594 n

Street Teamers (Philippines)

(Details coming soon)

Intern Team
(Details coming soon)

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