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Drama Queen Productions/Narrator

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Bobbi-Lea is a multi-talented media/entertainment professional. Currently writing for as a reviewer and feature writer, Bobbi-Lea runs her own web design studio called OSMG! Online Social Media Group and is studying her Masters in Screen Production part-time. ​In addition to her media work, Bobbi-Lea is also a versatile Actor / Singer / Presenter with a Degree in Music Theatre, in which she was awarded Graduate of the Year and was bestowed as a Golden Key Honour Scholar. She recently studied Advanced Screen Acting overseas in LA for 10-weeks and in 2014 will be acting in 2 Feature Films, 2 Short Films, and will also be producing a Feature and a Short Film.  In her spare time (which is very little), she binge shops on shoes and handbags.

Q&A With Bobbi-Lea

Q: Tell us about you
A: I’m a bit of an eclectic, creative soul with a passion for the performing arts, media and entertainment industries. I have what some people call a portfolio career, or a ‘slash’ career. I am an actor / producer / arts writer / web designer / and master’s student.

Q: What inspires you to get out of bed each day? ​
A: The massive “to do” list that just stresses me out if I stay in bed thinking about it for too long! Moving that one step closer to my goals puts a skip in my stride.

Q: What’s the story behind your work with ASJ?
A: I work with ASJ in a few capacities: as an audio voice over artist, an actor, and web design consultant. (I have another life as a web designer during ‘working’ hours, which is usually night-time when I’m not busy being an actor or producer).

Q: What are you working on next?
A: I have a number of projects on the go ​​•    Doing voice-overs for ASJ audio books. •    Acting in a short film “Kidnapped” as a police officer. •    Acting in a web series “Dear Internet” as a hippy. •    Acting in a horror feature film “Rise of the Darkness”. •    Producing a splatter punk feature film “Mutant Strippers”. •    Marketing a short film “Impact” which I co-produced and acted in (again as a cop). •    Completing my Masters in Screen Production part-time.

​Q: Do you have any special/extraordinary talents?
A: Juggling the balls of life!

Q: Who are your favorite authors?
A: George R. R. Martin – who couldn’t love the Game of Thrones series?! Lucy Maud Montgomery – One of my favourite stories is Anne of Green Gables.V. C. Andrews – Another favourite story imprinted on my brain is Flowers in the Attic.Orson Scott Card – His sci-fi book of short stories kept me company on many long train trips into work when I lived in Sydney.

Q: What do you like to do with your free time?
A: Free time? What is free time? Time is never free! Acting is both a hobby and a career so that is mainly what I do for fun. I also review theatre so I see A LOT of shows. This is a little cocktail of pleasure and work. Socialising, networking, and seeing a free show with great seats and great company is a treasure trove of productivity for this life juggler!


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