Dino Hunt

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Dino Hunt
By Max Davine
Edited by Martin Coffee

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Jimmy Reeves is a down on his luck wildlife wrangler, his career once saw him travelling the globe, working on relocation programs and starring in documentary films. Now, he and his business partner Paul Franciscus are lucky if they can get a gig wrangling bulls in Arizona. Until one day, when they receive a massive advance payment from a mysterious company based in Florida. In return, they are to do what once brought them glory the world over; trap and relocated endangered animals. Little do they know they’re not going to the Everglades to trap alligators, they’re going through time and space to rescue great, big dinosaurs!

But others have come to pillage the Cretaceous world for it’s natural resources, and to enslave and exploit the prehistoric inhabitants. They are ruthless, they are well equipped, and they will stop at nothing. It’s up to unwitting Reeves to make a stand not just for the dinosaurs, but to save his own life, teaming up with an alluring paleontologist and a helicopter pilot nicknamed “Crash” to save the land of the forgotten from human annihilation.

Dino Hunt is available in Ebook, Paperback, and Hardback formats, and coming in 2016 in Audiobook and V-book for Oculus.

Ebook ASIN: B00W0J9FFA
Published: April 11, 2015

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Ebook RRP: $7.99

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