Tips For Freelance Telemarketers



Tips For Freelance Telemarketers
By Chris Jackson
Edited by Anna Jackson

tips for freelance telemarketing tips for freelance telemarketers Tips For Freelance Telemarketers tips for freelance telemarketing

The essential guide on how you can maximize your earning potential in the world of telemarketing, by utilizing the various sites; how to find the right projects, earning what you are worth, and showing you that the art of telemarketing is not dead after all.

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Published: March 17, 2014

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Chris Jackson is presently based in the Philippines. He is a HS graduate, and has a doctorate in Biblical studies. Under his pen-name (C.A.Milson), he has written 3 books (Rise of The Darkness, Bloodline Of Darkness, She’s Not So Ordinary), and a series of short film screen plays. Chris started in the marketing industry in 1994, quite by accident, when he worked for an insurance firm in Brisbane, QLD. It was that “accident” that led him down the road of being one of the few multi-national experts on telemarketing in the industry today.

During the last 20+ years, he has generated in excess of 500M for clients globally, has trained call center agents, advised start up call centers, and is quite often sought after for his expertise.

His book, “Pick Up The Phone” is the first book in a series of Call Center Training series. His latest release is titled “Tips For Freelance Telemarketers

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