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A story of homesickness, surprise friendships, and learning that your place in this world is often more important than you thought.


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VICTOR is a story of homesickness, surprise friendships, and learning that your place in this world is often more important than you thought.

Eleven-year-old Ardith is forced to leave her homeland of Sweden when her father is stationed as king over conquered Estonia.

At the start, Ardith is bitterly homesick. Later she starts to feel at home at the stables when she meets the new foal with a silver mane, whom she names Victor. Ardith sets her mind on proving she knows Victor’s destiny. Adventures follow, including hilarious mishaps with the stable boy, Peeter; offending old ministers; and assaults from a cruel villain.

Ardith faces devastating opposition as she endeavors her quest, simply because she is a girl. What begins as her dream for another becomes Ardith’s discovery of her own profound impact in this strange, new land.


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Tami Lykens

In her childhood, running through the wheat fields of Southern California, Tam pretended, with a most fervent imagination, she was the Bionic Woman. She found magic kingdoms in pine groves and sought wisdom from ancient elm trees. After elementary school, she rushed home to sit and play among her playmates: young piglets. A baby sister finally arrived. Sister grew up as Wonder Woman, to run alongside Bionic Tam.

Tam grew older (though probably forgot to grow up), got married, and raised three beautiful people. And as a school teacher in California and Tennessee, Tam wrote curriculum for churches and schools. As a drama teacher, in Tennessee, she wrote and directed plays for middle schoolers; being an expert at pretending.

Currently, Tam’s first novel, VICTOR is a fresh release and available on Amazon now. The sequel to VICTOR, with the working title, ARDITH, is in production.

Tami also writes free articles on her blog that center around the endeavor to help children (and adults) find their personal strengths and gain hope in the knowledge of their own important role in this world (aka: our superpowers).

Tami resides in Nashville TN.

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    A Swedish princess in 16th-century Estonia forms a special bond with a horse in this middle-grade debut.

    It’s 1561, and 11-year-old Ardith is homesick. Her father, Erik, has been crowned king of Estonia (which was recently conquered by Sweden), so they and her mother, Linnea, move to dilapidated Castle Toompea in the capital city of Tallinn. Ardith misses many things about her old home in Stockholm, especially Magi, the horse she left behind. The lonely girl takes refuge in the castle stables, where she strikes up an uncertain friendship with Peeter, the stable master’s son. Ardith is enchanted when a colt with a silver mane is born. She becomes determined to become best friends with the foal, whom she names Victor. It takes a lot of effort—and carrots—but by the time Ardith is 14, she and Victor are inseparable. One day, she’s shocked to find Victor being fitted with a harness; she believes that the horse far too special to pull a carriage, even for the king. Determined to prove that Victor is meant for greater things, she resolves to enter the horse into the Royal Estonian Horse Races. But no woman—not even a princess—has ever jockeyed in that competition, and neither her father nor the Tallinn town council like breaking tradition. Lykens’ first novel has an unusual setting and a plucky heroine, and although Ardith’s feminist notions seem a bit modern for the era, it makes for a much more satisfying story. After all, girls having to fight for gender equality remains an unfortunately timely subject. Youngsters who love horses will enjoy Ardith’s struggle to befriend and train Victor. Readers who aren’t already horse-crazy, though, may find that there’s not much else to hold their interest; a few passages contrast Ardith’s idyllic royal childhood with those of children like Peeter, who now live under foreign control, but the subject is quickly abandoned.

    A charming, if slight, historical tale of a girl and her horse.

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