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Submission Process

Submissions Now Open

We  will give your book the consideration it deserves.

While we enjoy reading new books, we only accept submissions via the below form. Any submissions received outside of the submission form will be deleted without being read.

While many authors will submit their work without reading our “fine print” we decided to move our publishing system to the new Hybrid Model. In short, many authors think that once they have their work accepted their work is done. However, this is not true, as any established author will tell you that you need to begin marketing your work long before you start shopping for a publisher. If you come to us with no marketing plan, no active social media following and no prior history of book sales, then you will be offered a contract under our Hybrid Model.

Publishing any unknown author is a high risk gamble for any publisher, and this is part of the reason why ALL of the Big 5 own Vanity Press companies. If you are an unknown author who thinks that once your book is released, you will hit the “big time”, then think again. According to Bowker, there were more than 1 Million new titles released in 2017. With Amazon Kindle, the total number of Kindle eBooks offered by Amazon is currently over 3.7 million. So, as a new author, if you think that you will “capture the market“, then the odds of that happening are around 4 million to 1, and these odds are not in your favor, especially if you self-publish and think you can “sit back and watch the royalties come in” (Yes, we once had an author who had that mindset).

This is where we come in. We have been in business since 2012. Our founder is an author of 9 books, and he learned back in 2008 (when his first book was picked up by a now defunct American publisher), that he had to do ALL of his own marketing. Not only do you get the expertise of a person who has been a published author since 2008, but a marketing team who have a combined experience of well over 40 years in the marketing game. (Our owner, alone, has 25 years experience in all aspects of marketing).

If we do feel that your Work has potential for a broader audience, then you will be offered a 3 year contract under our Hybrid Publishing Model.

Why Choose Us?

At ASJ Publishing, we work one-on-one with authors through every step of the production process to bring your book to market. This includes the editing process, the cover art designs, creation of Facebook Author Page; Right through to the marketing of your book via VBT’s/International Trade Shows/Review Campaigns/Influencer Marketing and more. Our mission is to ensure that your book gets the marketing audience you deserve!

Submissions are open for both fiction and non fiction titles. In particular we are looking for stories that are fresh and captivating.

Guidelines For Submitting

  • We are a Hybrid Publishing Company. If your work is accepted we will offer you a 3 year contract under our Hybrid Publishing Program
  • We ONLY offer Traditional Publishing to authors who have:
    • A rock-solid marketing plan (usually 5 to 10 page complete business plan)
    • Established Social Media following
    • Prior history of book sales
  • Your manuscript should be complete, or near completion. We do not accept “ideas” for books
  • Please fill out all details on the form below. We will respond within 24 hours.


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